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Dedicated to the Welfare of Native Wildlife
The Humane Way…

If you’ve spent anytime at all watching and enjoying animals, you are aware that they are wonderful silent communicators. They have their own unique body language and can show a range of emotions. Animals are intelligent and worthy of our respect. They can love their young, and at the same time, can be very protective and territorial.

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Wildlife conflicts and resolutions

Traditionally in our culture, wildlife problems and human complaints are often handled by targeting the symptoms rather than the problems. For example, simply removing a squirrel from an attic, while neglecting to seal up all entry holes too, accomplishes little more than providing a future nesting site for yet another squirrel.

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You can help the animals, too.

Educating oneself on animal issues is the most effective manner in which to help animals of all species. Anyone unable to obtain specific information on any animal-related topic is encouraged to contact the Wildlife Orphanage, Inc., Wildlife Assistance Hotline (219)362-6999, or e-mail us at

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Purdue University - Fur Trapping 101???

For over 20 years, Purdue University has supported the trapping of wild animals through its participation in the Furbearer Management Course offered annually in Northeastern Indiana. Their endorsement of this course can only be interpreted as explicit approval of fur trapping, thereby diminishing Purdue's stature and reputation within the world of academia.

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Wildlife Orphanage, Inc.
Dedicated to the Welfare of Native Wildlife

Chesterton, IN